Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rabid Rabbit # 7 on its way!

The long-awaited issue 7 is on its way from the printer.

"Rabid Rabbit’s Unabridged Hands-on Handbook to Recognizing and Evaluating the Fallacious and Scrupulous Traits of PORNOGRAPHY- A Users Manual!" The title of our latest issue literarily speaks volumes!

Featuring a cover by S.Y.Choi, a back cover by Fay Ryu, a centerspread by Wendi Koontz, many new contributors and comics, comics, comics! It will be our biggest issue to date, and our contributors sure had fun with the topic!

But make no mistake: This is not your usual smut-rag, (not that there would be anything wrong with that) it is a very diverse exploration into what Pornography is, what it means to people... So check out what all our artists came up with!

The release-party will be in November, and books will be in stores in a few weeks. We'll keep you posted!

Rabid Rabbit wins in Design and Illustration Competitions!

Rabid Rabbit scored in two major, highly selective competitions this year:

Print 's Regional Design Annual will feature Rabid Rabbit #5: "Rabid Rabbit's Alphabet City", our most conceptional and typographic book. The cover drawing is by the great Anton Van Dalen. Published by the renowned PRINT MAGAZINE, this Annual compiles the most innovatiove and creative projects in Graphic Design and Art-Direction.

Three by Three Illustration Annual will feature Paul Hoppe's Cover for Rabid Rabbit #4, "Rabid Rabbit's Trash". This contest is organized by 3x3 MAGAZINE for Contemporary Illustration and is juried by an international panel, selecting the best illustration from all over the world.

Together with the awesome American Illustration, this is the third time Rabid Rabbit won in a competition this year. Hooray!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dear friends of the Rabid Rabbit,
we're trying a new system to be more flexible and faster with our updates, so, ta-da! we're presenting the Rabid Rabbit Blog. And – Now You can participate! Write comments! But only nice ones. Life is already hard enough!