Monday, March 29, 2010

RR #11 Release Party Photos!

Here we have a selection of photos taken by our very own Marion Vitus! thank you so much Marion!

Rabid Rabbit's Anuj Shrestha interview

Our very own Anuj Shrestha has had his life spilled all over the internets for us get our grubby little fingers all over. The article was featured in the Nepali english language newspaper Republica and can be read by clicking here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rabid Success Last Night!

The Rabid Rabbit #11 release party and Original Art Show was amazing- Incredible! It was an good fun for all and I want to thank everyone who showed up and made it such a massive success. A very special thank you to Tom and Amy of Bergen Street Comics for making this possible! It was so crowded that if you barely see the show it will be up for the next month and if you didn't make it last night drop by and pick up the new issue and check out the amazing work on the walls

Friday, March 5, 2010

RABID Rabbit Release Party and Original Art Show

Hold the presses and drop everything- If you have plans on the 27th of this month cancel them 'cause this is so much better. On the 27th of March of 2010- Rabid Rabbit will release it's 11th issue and cap that with an Original Art show at Bergen Street Comics at 8pm. It will be awesome.

This is the poster for the Show illustrated by Paul Hoppe and typedesign done by C.M.Butzer.

I'll see you all at the show.