Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butzer & Bean= Butzer Beans?

Picture This: Using Images to Illuminate Young Adult Literature blog has posted profiles of the Rabbit's own editor C.M.Butzer and regular contributor Johnathan Bean.

C.M.butzer profile Johnathan Bean Profile

C.M.Butzer's POW! free pdf at the new Literate Machine

C.M.butzer's POW! a selection of short and experimental comics is now available for FREE! at the new comic/literature/art website the Literate Machine. So download and enjoy! if you're a creator this is a new outlet that you can spread the love. Rabid Rabbit will soon be posting pdf's of issues 1-3.5 there for a mere $1 per issue. So go and check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rabid Rabbit #8 "the white issue/album" is now on sale

After a stunning debut at the MoCCA festival and an incredible release party arranged by our own Ben X. Trinh. Rabid Rabbit 8 is now for sale. It can be ordered in our shop or bought from the many stores that acros the nation that carry our books (if they don't have them, let know they should!). Many stores are just ordering the book now but if can't wait, it's already available at Jim Hanley's Universe, Forbidden Planet, and Cosmic comics in NYC.

here's the skinny on it's contents

Issue #8

Rabid Rabbit’s White Issue

inspired by the Beatles White Album

This incredible, 64 page, new issue features 2 page comic intrepretations of the white album songs by Anuj Shrestha, Fay Ryu, Sakura Maku, Aya Kakeda, Paul Hoppe, C.M.Butzer, S.Y.Choi, Ben X. Trinh, Reuben Negron, Niel Numberman, Marion Vitus, Tao Nyeu, Ben Cee, Benjamin Marra, Mike Reddy, James L. Barry, Dunja Jankovic, Matt Rota, Sal Amendola, Brian Floca, Yunmee Kyong,Kripa Joshi, Wendi Koontz! and introducing Andres Rosler, Brendan Buford, Edwin Vaskez, Seymour Chwast, and John Green!

Also in this issue:
Words of melodic prose from Adam Eye!
Guest spots from red-hot illustrators S.Y.Choi and Johnathan Bean! And an amazing centerspread by the Wesley Bedrosian!

check this blog later for photos from mocca and the release party(as soon as I find the damn cord for my camera)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick note on a GREAT time at this Years MoCCA

Team Rabbit had a blast at Mocca! throught the the trials of the fire alarm to reading Jill Tamaki's new book we were most jubilant.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rabid Rabbit 8 at MoCCA and Release Party

Rabid Rabbit 8. The white issue. Inspired by the Beatles White album. Our biggest(literally, it’s bigger than the other issues). Out Longest- 64 pages!!!. OUR BESTEST (every issues tops the last). Will be released upon the public for much adoration.
The first release will be at the MoCCA festival 2008 and after that it’s own release party at the Beauty Bar on June 12th.

MoCCA 2008. June 7th-8th. The Puck Building in the Lower East Side, NYC. (we’ll be at table B46).

Rabid Rabbit 8 release party. June 12th. 7-10 pm At the Beauty Bar in NYC!

Librarians are excited about C.M.Butzer

influential NY Public Librarian, Betsy Bird has noted C.M.Butzer (Rabbit co-founder and contributor) in her blog at the School Library Journal. Betsy's blog is highly regarded and widely read in the industry. She wrote up a review of the Harper Librarian Preview and focused in nice detail on "GETTYSBURG, the graphic novel" by C.M.Butzer.

Excerpt from the blog-

"Ah. Good table this. Brenda Bowen, Molly O'Neill, Anne Hoppe, and Ruth Katcher were present. Actually, before we sat at this table we had a break and I sorta sidled up to Brenda's pile of books to get a better look at a graphic novel I saw sitting there. Marking this as the
Lincoln Book #1 of the day, there sat The Graphic Gettysburg by C.M.Butzer (you can see one of his images of Lincoln on his website ). I got very excited. I mean, all the speech bubbles are from direct quotes of the day. The primary colors used throughout the story are blue and gray. Altogether it looked neat and original and like nothing I've ever really seen before. Non-fiction meets the graphic format. Of course it won't be out until 2009 (boo, hiss) but there's nothing to be done about that."

To read the full review click here

MOCCA 2008

Once again the mighty rabid rabbit crew will proudly attend the Mocca festival in NYC! we are not there to just mill about, we're releasing upon the public our latest and greatest creation- RABID RABBIT #8, the white album.

So, if you're in the neighborhood. drop in and check out our wares! We're at table b46!