Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Librarians are excited about C.M.Butzer

influential NY Public Librarian, Betsy Bird has noted C.M.Butzer (Rabbit co-founder and contributor) in her blog at the School Library Journal. Betsy's blog is highly regarded and widely read in the industry. She wrote up a review of the Harper Librarian Preview and focused in nice detail on "GETTYSBURG, the graphic novel" by C.M.Butzer.

Excerpt from the blog-

"Ah. Good table this. Brenda Bowen, Molly O'Neill, Anne Hoppe, and Ruth Katcher were present. Actually, before we sat at this table we had a break and I sorta sidled up to Brenda's pile of books to get a better look at a graphic novel I saw sitting there. Marking this as the
Lincoln Book #1 of the day, there sat The Graphic Gettysburg by C.M.Butzer (you can see one of his images of Lincoln on his website ). I got very excited. I mean, all the speech bubbles are from direct quotes of the day. The primary colors used throughout the story are blue and gray. Altogether it looked neat and original and like nothing I've ever really seen before. Non-fiction meets the graphic format. Of course it won't be out until 2009 (boo, hiss) but there's nothing to be done about that."

To read the full review click here

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