Monday, June 15, 2009

Rabid Rabbit 10 is now on SALE! Award-Winning Cover!

You can barely contain yourself. I can tell. It's okay. I understand. Rabid Rabbit #10- Rabid Rabbit's Kitty Kitty has been off the press for two weeks and yet you couldn't get unless you were awesome and went to the release party or you went to MoCCA- then you are awesome and need not need any more awesomeness. But, let's say you were unable to attend these events and just knew you were awesome and needed something tomake it official- Rabid Rabbit #10 can do that for you.

Buy it here and be awesome!

Not to mention too much more Awesomeness- Steven Tabbutt has been awared the silver medal for his awesome cover of this issue!

You may bask in that awesomeness!

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