Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome Show at Bergen! Awesome MoCCA 2011- next stop Stumptown!

Rabid Rabbit had a spectacular weekend starting at the exceptional pre-MoCCA party for Rabid Rabbit and C'est Bon at Bergen Street Comics. Tom and Amy have a great comic shop and were fun and generous hosts of the book release and original art show (If haven't been to it- GO, you won't regret it!) . Then came MoCCA fest 2011- good times all around! talked to tons of amazing people sold a lot of books. Next weekend Paul Hoppe and C.M.Butzer will be representing Rabid Rabbit at the Stumptown Comic Festival in Portland, Oregon. Can't wait!

That's C.M.Butzer and S.Y.Choi at the Rabbit Table

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